Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day....of course!

As usual, I'm a little late....of course! I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe St. Patrick's Day.

Being that the holiday was on a Thursday, Matt and I did the responsible thing. We stayed in instead of fighting the drunken crowds at every drinking establishment around town.

However, I am not one to pass up any reason to celebrate! Thursday night for dinner Matt and I followed tradition....of course!

We dined on corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.

Whose tradition? Not mine, I'm not Irish, but Matt is! Whether or not this was his tradition before is highly debatable, however it will now become just that.  

As would only seem correct with most of our celebrations, this dinner is not exactly authentic IrishIt is very much an Irish American tradition. The celebration of St. Patrick was first noted as an official holiday in the 17th century. At that time in Ireland beef was considered a delicacy. Pork and bacon were much more commonly seen around the dinner table. A broiled piece of bacon was traditionally used in Irish meals. During the Great Famine of the 18th century many Irish immigrated to America. It was here in the states, where it was more affordable and accessible, that beef was substituted during dinner.

So, Cheers! To the Irish, St. Patrick, Irish Americans, and well drinkers around the world....of course!

Fun Fact: President Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Dinner Menu consisted of Corned Beef and Cabbage with Parsley Potatoes!

Corned Beef Hash

With this quick breakfast idea in mind, I saved a small portion of the corned beef and potatoes from Thursday's dinner for Sunday's breakfast. I've never been a fan of corned beef hash. I personally can't stand the taste or texture. Everything about it says NO! to me. However, with my leftovers and "I can make anything taste good" attitude I decided to try my hand at this classic breakfast dish.

Of was delcious!

The corned beef and potatoes were so crispy, the egg just perfectly cooked. When you cut into the egg the yolk oozed into the hash!

Matty and I both were very pleased with the outcome! 

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