Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I love contests. Between my lover boy and I we win lots of things! Maybe he has the luck of the Irish and maybe I'm...well just lucky!

Now that I'm part of two, and hopefully more to come, blogging communities I'd like to get involved in giveaways. I see lots of bloggers doing contests that give away some really cool things. I suppose once you have a good number of followers you are able to reward said loyal followers with awesome prizes. Sounds good to me!

Non-food related, here are links to two awesome giveaways: Nautical by Nature's Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway and Pink and Green Everything's Dahl House Frame Giveaway.

Shabby Apple has the cutest collection of dresses to fit every body type. And they aren't too badly priced either!

Check it out!

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